How Important Is The Story?
The importance of the story factor can not be overstated. Stories are bout how we learn about things from the time we are old enough to stay focused. I find myself telling Matthew, my grandson stories and he says "again Papa, tell it again".

Telling a story about your company or your offering is one of the keys to getting people to buy. We want to hear a story about your product or service because we like to buy. Not just anything, it needs to be about a product or service the consumer really wants and is willing to purchase; the story needs to be real, authentic and ring true to our ears. You see the story you tell, the story the consumer needs to hear is what they want to know to persuade themselves that they want to buy it; and it needs to be remarkable enough that they will tell and retell the story to others to convince themselves and others about the purchase. It is our role as marketers to get the consumer to own the product or service before they buy it. Let them experience and imagine the successful outcome through story telling so that they can own it before they buy it.