In the highly competitive rivalry for advertisers and eyeballs it's paramount that design and content of your advertisements, web pages, e-communications even billboards aren't just effective but brilliant.

Many media companies today have little time to train their sales teams and production staff on how to create amazing advertising that actually works.

ADS ON STEROIDS is guaranteed to motivate your advertising, creative and sales teams. You'll learn IDEAS FROM THE VERY BEST in the industry. John will send your champions home motivated with the insights to create or sell ads that will move your clients from satisfied to delighted.

Leave the competition in the dust while increasing client confidence. This seminar reveals INSIDE INDUSTRY secrets; they will learn which imagination grabbing layouts and headlines GET THE BEST RESULTS. Learn about color, fonts, copy writing, headlines, images and the advertising triggers that will make your team advertising authorities.

A remarkable program designed to lead participants in a fresh approach to create the "will to buy"; actually tapping into the psychology of why prospects buy. Integrating the sales models with persuasive reasoning, S.O.S. will regenerate the selling success of attendees.

Based upon the length of the session participants will learn:

Crafting your infomercial and how to use it.
Creating the "will to buy" - The problem with selling is sales.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngThe gospel of networking and how to work it.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngStrategies for getting your emails and v-mails answered.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngUncovering hidden sales opportunities.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngQuestioning techniques you can take to the street.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngHow to landscape with clients.
1313006438_bullet-8.pngGetting the prospect to own before they buy.
Understanding risk and objection.

3 - 4 hour presentations are the optimum and will re-frame the way your champions think about creating the "will to buy".

This entertaining and insightful keynote uncovers the secrets to get others to see things from your perspective; not only a science it requires real skill. To succeed all you have to do is listen, learn and practice.  What motivates people to buy or "buy in" is step one.

Lots of people don't want you to know these secrets and they're ticked that I share them. The "will to buy" is the sensation you feel when you make a buying decision.

You're ready, you want it, and no one needs to convince you further; the decision will make us happy, bring us joy, increase our pleasure, blunt our sorrows, ally our fears or feed our passions.


The most overlooked but most important reasons why people buy in
  1313006438_bullet-8.png7 widely accepted principles of persuasion.
  1313006438_bullet-8.pngHow to persuade not only the naive but the most skeptic.
  1313006438_bullet-8.pngHow to overcome resistance.
  1313006438_bullet-8.pngCredibility factors to set your prospect at ease.